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A few days left until Christmas and apart from decorating your home, you should also think about the gifts you will give to your loved ones.
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What makes navy striped tops so popular all year round? How do we wear them, what do we combine them with and which are the marinières worth getting this season? All the correct answers immediately follow. The famous blouse with horizontal stripes in white and dark blue can be described as...
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Animal print is one of the most popular clothes that women choose for their appearance. Its special design can add to the outfit a special detail that it will eliminate, as long as it uses the right combinations.The fact that animal prints will be worn a lot this season makes it a very beautiful...
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Autumn is the transitional season when we usually don't know how to dress. The changes in temperature during the day are a little headache for all of us, which, however, is a beautiful season for the nature around us and for us as well.
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It's time to say goodbye to dark winter accessories. Colors are synonymous with spring, they bring a new mood and a new style, while they are always in the top fashion trends. More specifically, the impressive earrings are going to occupy us in the new year, both for casual and formal...